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All-New Ferrari Portofino Debuts


Welcome to the family, #Ferrari #Portofino. Details on Ferrari.com

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With a heavy helping of power under foot, miles of road ahead, and modern comforts surrounding you while you whir past your surroundings, al fresco, driving a Ferrari is a pleasure best experienced first-hand. That is especially true when the vehicle you're behind the wheel of is not just a Ferrari in new condition, but also an all-new Ferrari model. Such is the case with the Ferrari Portofino.


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Ferrari: Unveiling Greatness


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Sometimes, greatness isn't created, or forged, or hard-won. Sometimes, greatness is already within. Hiding under a permeable veil; shrouded beneath a thin barrier, greatness sometimes sits, awaiting activation. Not unlike potential energy, the seeds of greatness often await sowing. Needing only cultivation, greatness can bloom in even the most exceptional circumstances. Without being forced, cajoled, or prodded, greatness can effervesce to the surface to overtake the inert, the mundane, the stagnant...

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Boardwalk Ferrari Wins 2018 DealerRater Ferrari Dealer of the Year Award for Texas

Dallas, TX - February 13, 2018 – Boardwalk Ferrari has been awarded a 2018 DealerRater Dealer of the Year Award, which recognizes auto dealerships across the U.S. and Canada who deliver outstanding customer service, based on consumer reviews written on DealerRater.com.

"Car buyers have spoken and have identified Boardwalk Ferrari as the best Ferrari dealer to do business with in Texas," said DealerRater General Manager Jamie Oldershaw. "The quality and number of reviews for Boardwalk…
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Ferrari GTC4LUSSO T Blends The Practical and the Powerful

Though not equipped with the V12 engine found in the Ferrari GTC4LUSSO, the Ferrari GTC4LUSSO T, for roughly $40,000 less, still offers many of the same features and benefits. The 0-60 MPH time? 3.5 seconds. It's very likely that after driving this Ferrari model, you won't wish you had driven a V12 model. But if you do, go for the GTC4LUSSO. Either way, you won't be disappointed.


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Why Do You Need Tire Tread?

Bald tires are something you should never want on your vehicle. In any situation, bald tires make it difficult for cars to handle, maintain tire integrity, and otherwise have a regularly-functioning car. They reduce stopping power greatly.

You need to change your tires on a regular basis to make sure you won’t be caught in a difficult situation. You should know the right way to check the length of tire tread, the protrusions on the outside of tires that keep them fixed on roads when driven.

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Popular Ferrari Museums Enjoy Record 2017 Attendance


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There are two Ferrari Museums in Italy. One is in Modena, Italy and the other in Maranello, Italy. Both museums set records for the number of visitors they managed to garner as of this November, 2017. From the beginning of this year through November, an excess of 500,000 Ferarri fans have attended both museums in total! That marks over a 12% increase since November, 2016!


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