Boardwalk Ferrari - 2022 Cavallino Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce that Boardwalk Ferrari has been honored with the prestigious Ferrari Cavallino Award for their exceptional dedication and  commitment to the Ferrari brand. This award recognizes Boardwalk Ferrari as one of the top Ferrari dealerships in the world and highlights their outstanding performance in the areas of customer satisfaction, sales, service, and overall business excellence.

Boardwalk Ferrari has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations. They have earned a reputation for their unparalleled expertise and knowledge of the Ferrari brand, and for their ability to provide customers with a truly personalized and memorable experience.

This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Boardwalk Ferrari team, who have worked tirelessly to uphold the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of their business. It is a well-deserved recognition of their exceptional performance, and a testament to their unwavering commitment to the Ferrari brand and its customers.

We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to the entire Boardwalk Ferrari team on this outstanding achievement.