Boardwalk Ferrari of Plano hopes everyone in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston communities had a spectacular New Year's Eve. Many of you probably made New Year's resolutions and we think that keeping promises is important. We are excited to be able to report that Ferrari has also worked on keeping its promise to be committed to greener options.


The newest technology being developed by our favorite Italian automaker is really impressive. The new model, codenamed F150 will be equipped with new technology that will allow Ferrari vehicles to gain an additional 100 horsepower while cutting back on carbon emissions by 30 percent. The new vehicle is currently being developed at Ferrari's factory in Maranello.


Head of Development, Matteo Lanzavecchia, explains Ferrari's commitment to the environment, "We're working on reducing energy consumption without forgetting that the symbol of Ferrari is performance."1


Our Ferrari California will be the first vehicle to sport this new green technology. The Ferrari California will also be capable of getting more horsepower and weight 30 kilograms less than the previous model. Additionally the improved braking system will allow the vehicle to reduce friction and energy consumption. We know that once the new Ferrari California and the greener technology becomes available everyone in Plano will be eager to see it in action.


Stay tuned to our Ferrari blog and we will keep you updated as they become available. If you have any more questions please feel free to come visit our new and used Ferrari dealership. We would also like to remind Ferrari owners in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas to keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance. Our Ferrari auto repair center will make sure you get the most performance out of your vehicle. We look forward to meeting you.



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