Ferrari Tailor Made is the exclusive personalization program from Maranello, developed specifically for clients wishing to create a truly bespoke car that will be a clear expression of their own unique personalities and tastes.

As part of the Tailor Made program, clients are invited to the factory in Italy where they are guided by a personal designer through the three "worlds" of Ferrari: Classica, Scuderia and Inedita. Each world offers an incredible selection of unique leather and textile materials for the interior, and dramatic exterior colors and accents to inspire the "one-off" Ferrari of your dreams.

Clients make their personalization choices on site in Maranello where they are flanked by a personal designer who will assist them in creating their bespoke Ferrari right down to the tiniest detail. This will encompass everything from livery colors to cabin trims, finishes and accessories of which there is an unprecedented selection of materials, treatments and hues.

Owners can opt for luxury traditional materials, such as cashmere, or more casual, contemporary ones of the likes of denim. Needless to say, there are plenty of high tech options, such as carbon-fiber, too. The end result, however, is a standard of exclusivity completely unmatched anywhere in the automotive sector. In fact, this is the first time many of the materials are being used or approved for use on cars.

Creativity, sophistication, originality of materials, meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail are the bywords of the Tailor Made program which offers three collections inextricably linked to Ferraris' own DNA:  Scuderia, Classica and Inedita.

Scuderia takes its lead from Ferrari's sporting history with racing world-inspired selections. Classica, on the other hand, offers a modern take on the styling cues and features of Maranello's great iconic GTs. Lastly, Inedita is designed for owners with a penchant for experimentation and innovation.

Ferrari Tailor Made is the product of the Ferrari Style Centre's ongoing research and development work, itself focused on reflecting our core values of innovation, elegance and passion.

To learn more about Tailor Made or the "One-off" program contact us at (888) 701-5761 or Ferrari Tailor Made - Click Here.