Are you a driving enthusiast interested in the latest Ferrari news? If so, you have likely heard about the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata, the new track-only sports car from Ferrari. This vehicle, building on a long legacy of automotive excellence, is one that is sure to impress. But, it is being produced in extremely limited numbers.

Ferrari Introduces the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata

The Ferrari 488 GT Modificata builds on technology laid out by the Ferrari 488 GT3 and Ferrari 488 GTE. Because of this, it delivers serious performance and power and looks good while doing it. Under the hood lies a twin-turbo V8 engine producing 700 horsepower. Additionally, this engine is paired to an updated transmission to deliver power when and how you need it.

Engineers at Ferrari have also delivered a new aerodynamic package. This package allows the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata to produce 2,200 pounds of downforce at 143 mph. Which is truly impressive. This new Ferrari is being produced in extremely limited numbers and only certain Ferrari owners will be eligible to purchase it. That said, if you are interested in learning more about this vehicle, we encourage you to contact our team and we will gladly share our expertise with you.

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