Who would you want sitting in the passenger seat? Tag your co-pilot. #FerrariPortofino? ? #Ferrari #Details

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There's nothing quite like taking to the road in your sports car. Except maybe taking to the road in your sports car with the top down, your favorite music playing, with your favorite person by your side. While the Ferrari Portofino provides enough performance capability and standard features to keep you comfortable whether you're traveling solo or in good company, it's undoubtedly fun to experience Plano from behind-the-wheel of a Portofino with a loved one or friend along for the ride!

Learn More About the Ferrari Portofino

Here at Boardwalk Ferrari, we're dedicated to helping performance car enthusiasts like you find and finance the vehicles that best suit their driving desires. If you're looking for a versatile Ferrari that resembles a coupe with the folding hardtop up or a convertible with the top down not to mention powerful V8 capability and premium style, then the Ferrari Portofino could be right for you. If you'd like to learn whether that's the case, feel free to contact or visit us today here at Boardwalk Ferrari in Plano!