Boardwalk Ferrari proudly assists aspiring drivers in getting behind the wheel of their ideal Ferrari model without inciting an irreparable detriment to their financial stability. The Ferrari brand remains wholeheartedly committed to assisting dealerships and prospective Ferrari owners in this endeavor of offering custom financing solutions with the Ferrari Financial Services (FFS) program - curated and provided by the Ferrari brand itself, available at Boardwalk Ferrari.

Why Ferrari Financial Services?

Assisting aspiring owners with expert capital preservation and tax implication management, owners of new and pre-owned Ferrari models receive access to real-time market dynamics, exclusive factory resources, and the expertise of a Ferrari associate to ensure your utmost satisfaction and security. Ferrari offers three options for payment, and two programs for collectors to provide maximal affordability to suit your ownership preferences.

Payment Options

The Ferrari payment options include Leasing, with plans ranging between thirteen to sixty months in length, with various mileage options available as either open-ended or closed-ended. Financing offers aspiring owners significantly more affordable initial payment pricing, with ballooning payments for the subsequent months within a term, or conventional loans both available. Lastly, the Automated Clearing House method utilizes automatic payment withdrawal through FFS and ACH for drivers seeking a stress-free, simplified purchasing process.


Ferrari Select and Ferrari Direct programs provide drivers with a line of credit or fixed-term loan, respectively, to assist in collectors' acquisition of their ideal model without overcomplicating or straining initial financial investment.

Boardwalk Ferrari - Obtain Your Ideal Ferrari Financing Today

Uniquely equipped to assist aspiring Ferrari owners in selecting and obtaining their preferred Ferrari Financial Services option, Boardwalk Ferrari strives to surpass expectations throughout drivers' next vehicle purchasing process with attentive, personalized service. Stop by our dealership to browse our extensive selection of sought-after Ferrari models, or give us a call to schedule a consultation regarding your preferred Ferrari and accompanying financing solution.