Highest Value Cars at Auction Consistently are Ferraris


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Talk about an automotive brand that retains its resale value. Ferrari does that, and then some. In fact, according out of the twenty highest prices that have ever been received at auction for car, at least fifteen out of those twenty are – you guessed it – Ferraris.

This not only says something about the resale value of classic Ferraris, though, but it also speaks to the public’s general love for the Ferrari brand and what it stands for.

Curious about which Ferrari models took the most at auction? Here the top ten most valuable Ferrari vehicles ever sold at auction:

  • Ferrari 250 GTO - $38,115,000
  • Ferrari 335 S - $35,711,359
  • Ferrari 290 MM - $29,050,000
  • Ferrari 275 GTS4 NART - $27,500,000
  • Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione - $26,400,000
  • Ferrari 250 California - $18,500,000
  • Ferrari 375 Plus - $18,400,177
  • Ferrari 250 California - $18,150,000
  • Ferrari 250 LM - $17,600,000
  • Ferrari 250 California - $17,160,000

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If you’d like to learn more about the top-ten most valuable Ferrari models sold at auction, visit http://magazine.ferrari.com/en/cars/2018/03/28/news/most_valuable_ferraris_sold_at_auction-38507/.

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