Why the Ferrari 488 Spider is Worth the Price Tag

If you drive a Ferrari 488, you can skip this video and go for a drive. You know how well-engineered the 488 is. If you're considering a 488 Spider, Doug DeMuro's thorough video review will be a helpful look at the real-world driving experience of the car.

In his automotive journalism line of work, Doug DeMuro of Autotrader drives a lot of cars. Many, many cars. Many exotic cars among them.

DeMuro is considering calling the Ferrari 488 Spider the single best car he's ever driven. He writes that he's on the fence about it, but there's no doubt it's somewhere at the very top of the list.

Car and Driver ranks the GTB iteration as the number one Exotic Sports Car, and many Ferraristi prefer the near-identical 488 Spider with its retractable hardtop. We wouldn't blame anybody for calling the Ferrari 488 spider the absolute best car they've ever driven.

Please inquire with Boardwalk Ferrari if you're interested in this superlative super-spider.

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