The famous Carmel golf course in California hosted the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance this year where the 1954 Ferrari 375 MM Scaglietti Coupe won the esteemed Best of Show award.

The car carries with it a rich history, both of Ferrari and its unique story. Originally bought by film director Roberto Rossellini in 1954, it was built as a race car. The twelfth of fifteen 372 MM built, it carried Rossellini and wife Ingrid Bergman through the public roads of Italy and into Switzerland.

After severely damaging the front in an accident, the car was sent to Carrozzeria Scagliette in Modena, where owner and healer worked together to reinvent the body of the car to be the now definitive coupe that wowed at Pebble Beach this month. Silver paintwork put the 1954 Ferrari in a class of its own. Clearly, the title was well deserved.

To our knowledge, nothing this unique will be passing through Plano, TX anytime soon, but every Ferrari has a rich history all its own. Add your name to the books and take a look at our online showroom.

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