Just a few quick facts for you: the road course of the Mugello Circuit in Italy is 41.3 miles. There are more than 400 turns from start to finish. Arturo Merzario holds the lap record at Mugello, having finished it in 29 minutes and 51.1 seconds in an Abarth 2000 SP. Scuderia Ferrari not only owns the circuit, but uses it as a test circuit for Formula One races. Last but certainly not least: it recently became the first racetrack in Italy to earn an environmental sustainability certificate.

The Mugello Circuit has long been a leader in sustainability practices. Since 2010, the track has been ISO 14001 certified for sustainable management. The new certificate comes from the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), which is to Europe much like the LEED certification here in the United States. The Circuit is one of only 1,500 organizations with a EMAS certificate in Italy.

CEO Paulo Poli explains, "With the activation of an Environment Management System we're not only respecting the environment and protecting the territory. It is also a stimulus to acquire a specific sense of social responsibility for all the people involved: managers, employees, suppliers and users."1

Needless to say, Boardwalk Ferrari right here in Plano is proud to be a member of the Ferrari family - one that is always committed to supporting sustainable vehicle and racing development. After all, we want to see many future generations of Ferrari lovers behind the wheels of car like the Ferrari FF Coupe and 458 Italia.


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