If you're planning a trip over international waters anytime soon, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new Ferrari Stores, developed in a partnership with the Italian leader in accessories, bags and cosmetics - ABC SpA. As the partners announced the TFWA Tax Free World Exhibition at Cannes earlier this month, a line of luggage, clothing and Ferrari accessories will soon become an expectation at Duty Free shops.

Feature items include suitcase, leather goods and a selection of Ferrari-branded clothes and accessories. Items will be available starting 2013 at select international airports.

We think you'll particularly love the Lifestyle Line, which has been "inspired by the world of Scuderia Ferrari racing. It is elegant, luxurious and steeped in heritage and offers clothes for men, women and children, designed with an emphasis on innovation and quality. A host of features are derived from the automotive world: the colours, the details, the fabrics and the leather which are typical of Gran Turismo interiors."1

The stores themselves are indicative of Ferrari design language. Images pulled from the Ferrari history vaults adorn the walls, and the products are cleanly and simply displayed in high-end displays.

In other words: it's a lot like visiting the Boardwalk Ferrari showroom right here in Plano, TX. You won't find attire and personal accessories here, but you will enjoy a top-notch customer service experience - and whole lot of automotive eye candy.

Drop in for a test drive or contact us via our website at your convenience to learn more about the luxurious details that make a Ferrari - well - a Ferrari.


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