Ferrari Steals the Show in Paris

Ferrari caused quite the stir at the Paris Motor Show this weekend, and it wasn't because of the handful of production models at the booth. No, it was because of the partial model the Ferrari team arrived with: a carbon fiber chassis for the forthcoming successor to the Enzo Ferrari.

Before we get to that, let's talk about the models on display at the booth through the end of the show, which runs until October 14th. The four show-stoppers include the F12berlinetta, the most powerful V12 ever built (740 hp); the Ferrari FF, a four-seater, four-wheel-drive car with a reflective panoramic roof; the 458 Italia and 458 Spider, both powered by an award-winning V8 engine.

But as for that partial model...

The remarkable bit about the upcoming F70 Enzo is its chassis, which is exactly the piece the Prancing Horse was showing off this weekend. This isn't just any old carbon fiber chassis, either, as the automaker explains, "For this model, Ferrari chose not to use the industrial carbon-fibre manufacturing techniques...normally adopted in the automotive sector, as they did not meet the quality and functional standards Ferrari set itself."1

Rather, the frame is created from four different types of carbon fiber, and is then hand-laminated and cured in autoclaves, a process that optimizes the lightweight and sturdy design of the car. All told, the Enzo successor is 20 percent lighter than the original.

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