Every so often a truly inspirational, one-of-a-kind vehicle is released. The Ferrari P80/C is one such vehicle. Painstakingly designed and engineered for a single, undisclosed customer, the Ferrari P80/C recalls Ferrari classics such as the 330 P3 and 206 S while providing a purposefully-racy and ultra-sleek exterior that wouldn't be mistaken for any current Ferrari. Marked by boldly-arched fenders, a unique wraparound windshield, and an imposing rear diffuser, this exterior exudes elegance and offers a unique take on modern Ferrari design. A rear spoiler made of carbon fiber helps reduce drag on the track but is removable for showing purposes. Inside the race-inspired cabin, the P80/C is all blue bolstered sport seats and modern dials, providing the driver maximum control over performance capability.

Customize Your Ideal New Ferrari

While the Ferrari P80/C may be a one-off sports car, you can design the perfect new Ferrari for your unique driving desires under the Ferrari Tailor Made Program. Interested? Learn more by contacting us today here at Boardwalk Ferrari!

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