Cavalcade Classiche Includes Visit to Rome

Ferrari is a brand with a long and rich history. With so many iconic vehicles in their past and present, getting to see them on the road is an exciting prospect. And at the third Cavalcade Classiche, spectators got to do just that.

The Ferrari 275 GTB Makes an Appearance at Cavalcade Classiche

Held at the end of September, the Cavalcade Classiche is a celebration of all things Ferrari. With the cooperation of the Rome City Council and other groups, popular Ferrari models returned to area roads to prove that these vehicles still offer the ultimate automotive experience. The event included vintage Ferrari models like:

  • Ferrari 750 Monza
  • Ferrari 500 TRC
  • Ferrari 275 GTB

It’s rare to see a group of legendary Ferrari models together. And thanks to this event, that was made possible. If you’re interested in Ferrari or are a Ferrari enthusiast, we encourage you to contact our Ferrari dealership. Our team loves discussing all things Ferrari and we’ll share our vast knowledge with you.

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