On this day, 31 years ago, the world lost the racing and automotive legend that was Enzo Ferrari. With his lifelong passion for automotive excellence, Enzo helped shape what is now regarded as one of the best automotive companies in the world.

The Legend of Enzo Ferrari Remembered

Inspired by the 1908 Circuito di Bologna, Enzo Ferrari was destined to become a racing driver. That dream would soon be realized as Enzo Ferrari entered the racing department of Alfa Romeo as a driver in 1920. But, it would not be until 1947 that the first Ferrari-badged car would be debuted, the Ferrari 125 S.

Over the years, Ferrari experienced racing successes and disappointments, but ultimately before his death, he witnessed the launch of one of the greatest road cars of all-time. The Ferrari F40, a true legend.

Experience Modern Performance

Today, the Ferrari brand continues to push the automotive envelope. With the memory of Enzo Ferrari remaining in the performance-driven attitude of each Ferrari model, you can still experience the thrilling experience that these vehicles have to offer.

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