The Ferrari 488 Spider's Inspiring Interior

Designed to emulate Ferrari's rich Formula 1 heritage, the 488 Spider strives to conjoin man and machine through dynamic, functional and ergonomic craftsmanship for an intuitive, seamless relationship between vehicle and driver. Upholstered with plush materials and adorned with the iconic Ferrari logo atop the headrests, the sport-inspired and bolstered seats offer race-ready comfort and security as you career around corners in the precision-engineered 488 Spider.

The Ferrari 488 Spider: Inspiring Performance, Impeccably Designed

Redesigned with vehicle commands on wraparound satellite pods, conveniently angled directly at the driver, along with a lighter, compact dashboard smoothly curving around the cockpit, the 488 Spider's effortless unification of timeless style and advanced engineering results in a uniquely Ferrari driving experience suited for both the track and the road.

Inviting and Ergonomic Interior Style

With redesigned armrests adorning the door panels, integrated Apple CarPlay® within its advanced Sport infotainment system, a Start/Stop ignition solution mounted directly on the steering wheel amongst an array of additional unique features, the Ferrari 488 Spider provides aspiring drivers with an unparalleled degree of convenience and comfort, without compromising its impeccable performance capabilities.

The Ferrari 488 Spider and its Various Configurations at Boardwalk Ferrari

Discover the various interior configuration options available for the Ferrari 488 Spider. Open-air and inviting, this sport-inspired model provides maximal performance capabilities alongside its timeless style. Stop by Boardwalk Ferrari to speak with a sales professional regarding the available interior options for the 488 Spider, or give us a call to inquire further about this impressive and unique model.