This video of Ferrari’s tribute to the Targa Florio is appealing for a few reasons.

Firstly, of course, the stunning cars. It’s a beautiful gathering of numerous Ferrari models gliding around coastal Italy. You’ll get no complaints here.

Tied for second are the landscape and the architecture. Although- those lush mountains and coastal cliffs might have an edge on the impressive architecture, if only because cruising through the twisties looks like a lot more fun than crawling over cobbled streets, no matter how charming the town is!

What better way to explore Sicily than following along the route of one of the oldest racing events in the world? Started in 1906, the original endurance race eventually ended in 1977 after multiple deaths and injuries. The Italian Rally Championship picked up the course in 1978 and continues to run stage rallies on sections of the original circuit.

Did you spot your favorite Ferrari in any of these clips?

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